It's pretty easy to say that if someone dropped a $20 in front of you that you'd ge their attention and give it back to them.  What would you do though if an armored truck was spilling cash on the side of the thruway and there were already about 30 other cars stopped with their drivers just scooping it up?

According to WTOP that's what happened in Hyattstown, MD.  There's no word why the cash was spewing from the truck but one eye witness paints a pretty picture for us:

 It was like a "snow globe of cash."

Authorities say there was no indication that he was robbed but motorists were stopping their cars to grab fistfuls of the getaway cash.  There were quarters in the streets and bills flying from the truck.

Authorities are asking those who helped themselves to the free money to return it.  Would you?  ("Uh...yeah...I'd love to return that money but it was cash and I spent it already.")

It says that it's unclear how much money was involved.