She's a Texas Tech University cheerleader, and she is causing more drama than you could even imagine -- but, it's not the kind you'd assume.

She's a hunter.

She has hunted big game and some endangered animals for years now and has a Facebook page that is causing an uproar for photos she posted showing her with large game animals she hunted in Africa.

As of right now, there's over 55,000 people that have signed an online petition to have her banned from Facebook.

All pictures from Facebook/KendallTakesWild.

Kendall Jones defends herself frequently on her page. I want to know if you agree.

On the leopard:

Leopard populations have to be controlled in certain areas. So yes, my efforts do go to conservation efforts and are all fair chase, not canned hunts. In fact these are very mentally and physically challenging hunts, on foot tracking and walking miles and miles a day.

For the rhino:

Ok I’m gonna explain for the 53567544th time. The rhino was a green hunt, meaning it was darted and immobilized in order to draw blood for testing, DNA profiling, microchip ping the horn and treating a massive leg injury most likely caused by lions. People try to say that lions will not attack a hippo, rhino or elephant, quiet the contrary. Lions attack and kill the young of these species. The adults try to fight the lions off and are regularly successful, but do get injuries in the process.

For the lion she killed and was considered a fair hunt:

Lions that have come in and taken over a pride, not only kick the older lion out, but will also kill all of his cubs so that the lioness will come into heat again. Controlling the male lion population is important within large fenced areas like these in order to make sure the cubs have a high survival rate.

On the jaguar:

We hunted Leopard in a Communal Lands area of Zimbabwe where leopard had killed 107 head of cattle over a single year. There are many parts of Zimbabwe where there is an abundant population of Leopard that wreak havoc on the livestock of the farmers in the village. Instead of the villagers killing the leopard to prevent livestock damage, permits are sold to hunters to do this for them.

What do you think?