You may remember Piers Morgan as the guy who beat Trace Adkins on Celebrity Apprentice.  He's moved on since then.  Piers Morgan is set to take over for Larry King on CNN on January 17th on his own show called "Piers Morgan Tonight."  And he's already taken to first step to boost his ratings.  He's started up a feud with one of the biggest music stars in the world.

The first guest on Piers' show will be the one and only Oprah Winfrey.  That's something that even David Letterman has had a tough time doing in the past.  But Piers has already banned pop singer Madonna from appearing as a guest.  Piers admitted,  "She's kind of been an irritant in my life for 20 years, so I had to ban her from the show. It's probably quite childish, but it made me feel better."

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