About The Game:
This is a pick 'em style game covering all 36 individual races, starting in February and continuing through November. Every participant must select the drivers they think will finish in the top ten positions for each race. Drivers get points based on their finishing positions. The player with the most points in a given time span wins. Our system also recognizes weekly and mid-season winners.

How It Works:
Each week before a race, participants will pick ten drivers to complete their picks. Drivers receive points based on their race performance. Players can compete against their friends and others throughout the entire season for great prizes from our local media partners. The player with the highest individual weekly score at the end of the season wins the game!

Progressive Payout:
This contest will feature a “Progressive Payout” which represents a sum of money that gets larger each week after all contestant for the
previous race fail to select a valid perfect top 10 finish in advance of a selected race. Selecting a valid perfect top 10 finish means predicting
the exact top 10 finishing order of a particular race.

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