I've seen it before in soccer, but I never thought it would happen in my sport.  I mean...football players are tough right?  Injuries happen every day in the NFL and they're rightfully taken seriously.  So when someone tries to take advantage of that, it's just downright embarrasing.

You can't win them all, but you give it your best shot.  Some days you're knocking out teeth, other days its your teeth getting scattered.  But at least give it your best shot.  I'm not sure that can be said about the New York Football Giants from this past Monday Night's Football game. 

As the St. Louis Rams begin to drive with their no huddle offense, the Giants do what they can to slow it down.  They lay down.  Literally.  They lay on the field as if they were injured to slow down the pace of the game.  This is sad.

They need a penalty for something like this.  The problem is, how do you prove if someone is really injured or not.  I suggest that if someone has to have a trainer come out on the field to delay the game, that player cannot return to the field for a set number of plays.  Or something to keep this from happening to the NFL.