For people who play poker or Texas Hold ‘Em long enough you get to learn that certain combinations of cards have nicknames and some of them are pretty interesting.

For example a pair of Ace’s (AA) is sometimes called American Airlines, Rockets, Bullets or Snake Eyes.

A pair of Kings (KK) are Cowboys or King Kong.

A pair of Queens (QQ) are Ladies

A pair of Jacks (JJ) are Fishhooks or simply Hooks

Two 10’s (1010) are Dimes

A pair of 9’s (99) are Wayne Gretzky – the hockey player wore that jersey number.

Two 8’s (88) are Piano Keys or Snowmen

Two 7’s (77) are Sunset Strip as in the old TV show 77 Sunset Strip or Walking Sticks

A pair of 6’s (66) are Route 66

A pair of 5’s (55) – Speed Limit

A pair of 4’s (44) – Magnum or Sailboats (a pair of 4’s looks like a couple of sailboats)

A pair of 3’s (33) – Treyes (not very creative)

A pair of 2’s (22) – Ducks or Swans

Some other interesting combinations and nicknames:

A King and Queen (KQ) – Marriage

A King and a Jack (KJ) – Kojak (the old TV show starring Telly Sevalas)

A King and a 9 (K9) - Fido

An Ace and a Jack (AJ) – Ajax

A Jack and a Five (J5) – Jackson Five

A Jack and a Four (J4) – Flat Tire (It’s what a Jack is for)

A 10 and a Four (10-4) – Roger

A Five paired with a Seven (57) – Heinz as in 57 Varieties

A Seven With a Six (76) – Union Oil as in Union 76

Pair of Kings and a Pair of Queens – Mamas and Poppas

Three Kings – Three Wise Men

Three Twos (222) – Huey, Dewey and Louie (Famous Ducks)

An Ace With An Eight (A8) – Dead Man’s Hand. Wild Bill Hickock was holding a pair of Black Aces with a pair of Black Eights when he was shot in the back and killed in Deadwood, South Dakota. It happened on this date back in 1876.