Blake Shelton was able to convince his new bride Miranda Lambert into using some of their wedding footage for his brand new video for “God Gave Me You”.  Blake told country aircheckShe had thought about that for a week, and I was stressed out.  I was like, Man, this video is going to suck if she doesn’t let me use that wedding video. “She’s getting to the point where she wants to keep more of us to us.  But I talked her out of that.  That will probably be the last thing I get to do like that”. I’m kind of surprised that Miranda is more protective of their wedding footage than Blake is, I would’ve thought it would be the other way around.  I can’t really blame her though, I would want to keep some things private to, as it is their lives are an open book to the public so you have to try and hang on to some sort of privacy.  But as a fan of Blake and Miranda I’m thrilled he was able to sweet talk her into sharing the wedding footage.  Check out Blake’s new video “God Gave Me You” It’s very sweet what Miranda say’s at the front of the video.