Rain may be in the forecast for Friday, but that's not stopping us. Taste of Country 2012 will still happen - rain or shine -- there's no canceling THIS show! Here's some things you need to know in case it rains and some fun advantages to a wet Coca Cola Field.


    No matter the weather, absolutely no umbrellas are permitted inside Coca Cola field, so leave it at home or in your vehicle.

  • Dress Sensibly!

    Ladies, sure you look cute in those high heels, but you won't be feeling so cute if the field gets muddy and your feet get soggy. Bring a raincoat or poncho and wear some shoes guaranteed to keep your feet dry -- because you're going to need them for dancing!

  • We're Going to Have Fun!

    Whether it rains or shines, we're going to have fun! What's better than enjoying live music from Eric Church, Joe Nichols, Eli Young Band, Dustin Lynch and Casey James at a party with a guest list of more than 20,000 people? We'll sing AND dance in the rain!

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  • Rain's Great for Washing Away Body Odor!

    The thing about partying with 20,000 people is that it can get smelly -- especially when it's sunny and hot. Not to worry! If it rains, it doesn't matter if the person sitting next to you hasn't showered in a week -- Mother Nature took care of it for you!

  • No One Will Notice If You Cry During the Sad Songs!

    We know it can be hard not to tear up during Joe Nichols' "I'll Wait For You." It's moving, we know. If it rains, no one will notice those tears forming in the corner of your eyes, even if you can't help but let them hit your cheeks. Thanks, Mother Nature!