There is a growing trend this holiday season.  Random good samaritans have been paying off other people's K-Mart layaway accounts.

According to, random people across the nation have been receiving quite the surprise when they have gone to pay off their layaway accounts at K-Mart stores.   The surprise comes when they find that the toys that they have set aside for their children for Christmas or clothes to keep them warm have been paid for.  Random people are paying off other people's layaway accounts just to pass on some good will.

One of the benefactors even went so far as to pay off 50 accounts at one store in memory of her husband who had recently passed away.  She then bought 2 carts of toys for a woman in line and handed out $50 bills on her way out the door.  She wouldn't give her name but simply asked that people "remember Ben."

That story happened in Indianapolis, but the giving has been noticed in Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana and Montana too. 

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Will anyone be the first to do this here in Western New York?  Will it be you?