One of country music’s all time favorites; Randy Travis was arrested this morning at 1:30a in Sanger, Texas on suspicion of public intoxication. Police saw that he was behaving oddly and smelled of alcohol. He had an open bottle of wine in hand and was arrested in front of a Baptist Church. He was taken to jail and released several hours later after sobering up. A report of a suspicious vehicle was called in to Sanger police,” Tom Reedy of the Denton County Sheriff’s Department told NBC 5 Dallas-Forth Worth. If you remember Randy has dealt with his drinking problems in the past and has been as far as I know on the wagon. Makes you wonder if the pressure of his impending 25th Anniversary tour had gotten to him and is the reason for his lapse. I wish him the best in his battle with drinking. He is most definitely one of the greats and you just hope he gets back on track.