Reba is a big fan of Halloween dating back to her childhood in rural Oklahoma. Trick or treating options were limited back then since the McEntires' closest neighbors, The Winslets, lived a half mile away. Reba tells us, "We'd kind of put lipstick on and get in Mama's closet and dress up." Once they hiked to see Mrs. Winslet, Reba says, "She'd give us cookies and wipe the lipstick off our faces, and then we'd walk back in the dark all the way up to Mama and Daddy's house."

When Reba and her husband Narvel bought their estate in Gallatin, they began hosting big Halloween parties in their horse barn. "We'd have a big dance in the round pen and just had a blast," she explains. Reba still loves to dress up for Halloween and has gone as Cleopatra and Frito Bandito in the last few years. Reba will miss out on dressing up this Halloween. She's got a show with George Strait and Lee Ann Womack in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada on Sunday.