Each year we’re amazed at the acts of heroism performed by first responders and those acts never go unrecognized. There’s a local organization that recognizes Western New York heroes and I’m sure the Lockport police officers who risked their lives saving the life of a man in his burning house will be considered.

We told you the story earlier this week about two off duty officers who were jogging when they saw a woman screaming that her house was on fire and that her husband was still inside. Lt. Todd Chenez and officer Michael Stover rushed inside looking for the man but were driven back outside by thick black smoke. When officers Anthony Pittman and Heather Rohde arrived all four went back in and carried the very heavy 69-year old man from his basement outside.

All four officers were treated for smoke inhalation. One was hospitalized.

For 56 years, the 100 Club of Buffalo has been dedicated to providing cash assistance to families of police officers killed in the line of duty. They also provide scholarships and other aid to police officers, firefighters and emergency medical personnel across Western New York. Since 1957 they’ve raised $3.7-million to provide assistance to the families of first responders to thank them for their heroic acts.

I think those four Lockport police officers deserve some recognition. To submit the name of a hero for consideration or to learn more about the 100 Club check their website: 100 Club of Buffalo.