Hard to believe it's been a year since New York State trooper Kevin Dobson was struck and killed on the 290 during a traffic stop.  The 71-year old driver of the pick-up who struck him was blinded by the morning sun.  He was ticketed, but no criminal charges were placed. 

Trooper Dobson's death led to vigorous enforcement of what's known as the Move Over law requiring drivers to slow down and move over one lane when an emergency vehicle is at the side of the road.  It's a law that's been on the books but most people weren't aware of.

Collegues of  Trooper Dobson on Monday laid a wreath on the 290 where he was killed.     

Troopers also introduced a new member of the State Police K-9 unit.  Recently graduated from the State Police K-9 Academy is Dobber, named in honor of Trooper Dobson.