I have had the great pleasure of getting to know the folks at the Response To Love Center at St. Adelbert's Parish in Buffalo. I have seen and assisted in my small way to the work that happens there. I have witnessed the love and warmth that flows from it's staff, volunteers and those they assist. However, the "warmth" part is a problem as their furnace/boiler is in need of repair.

Perhaps you've heard about it on the news. The Response To Love Center is one of numerous "code blue" sites and shelters in Buffalo and Western New York. When the temperature drops significantly, their doors are opened to welcome folks in from the severe cold and inclement weather. So the need for this repair is greater than ever. If you are able to help please send what you can to:

Response to Love Center 130 Kosciuszko St. Buffalo, NY 14212 Attention: Sister Johnice. Or use the on-line payment processor PayPal on their website (see the top of this posting for the link). Or give them a call at (716) 894-7030.

Response to Love Center Team

Enjoy the video from Christmas 2010 and maybe share with a shut-in or elderly person who cannot make to this wonderful place, but has fond memories of Christmas past on Buffalo's east side.