For the past few months you have been reading my motorcycle safety tips each week here on  I hope that you have been enjoying these tips.  Maybe you have learned something new. But even if you haven't, hopefully these blogs have at least made you think a bit more about being a safer motorcyclist.  As I have stated in some of the earlier blogs, there are not too many second chances. Riding a motorcycle requires split-second decision making. We want to make sure you make the right one.

There is one thing that I do about every three years to lower my car insurance cost and that is take an automobile safety class. Even though I have been driving for a long time, I feel the classes are a great refresher course.  If more automobile and truck drivers took these classes every few years, there would be a lot less accidents. Now if you are a motorcyclist, there is a program that I strongly reccommend to you and it's called "Ride With Pride".  Ride With Pride helps new motorcyclists with their training to get a motorcycle license. It costs money to take the class but it is certainly money well spent.  The folks that teach these classes are true professionals with a proven track record. They will teach you the proper fundamentals of safe motorcycle riding. You can visit their website at:  You can also reach them by phone at 716-542-3808.