It's hard to believe that this is Brett Eldredge's debut album. This guy is good, and scary good.

We had him up here in Buffalo back in 2011 when "Raymond" was hitting the airwaves. Eldredge is going to have the same effect on me as Keith Urban and Jason Aldean did with me with their first albums. Instant fan.

Every song has its own identity, and he makes an album that is not focused on "making an album good for radio". That's probably what makes each song more personable and relatable.

He wrote 11 of the 12 tracks, and these are my favorites (including "Don't Ya", which has been my favorite song on radio for months).

1.Tell Me Where to Park (exactly what it sounds like)
2. Don’t Ya (my favorite song on radio now -- you know this one)
3. Bring You Back (Fergie meets Jesus)
4. On and On (the groove song, for sure, on this album)
5. Gotta Get There (one of my favorites)
6. One Mississippi (shows why he's Male Vocalist Of The Year-worthy)
7. Beat of the Music (catchy as heck)
8. Waited Too Long (I want to hear this one live)
9. Mean to Me (men, learn this for your girl)
10. Signs (the roll-down-the-windows-cause-you-know-every-word song)
11. Raymond (Do I need to explain this one? May make you cry. Great story!)
12. Go On Without Me (perfect closing song)

Take a listen to the entire album below. I guarantee you buy it now. Oh comes out today (August 6). One of the best of the year. Hands down.