#16: “Radio”

I hope to God Darius puts this song out as a single!

It's one of those feel good songs. He's played "Radio" in past shows, even though the song just came out.

Who wants to be the DJ / I'll find a spot on the side of the road / You find something on the radio / Like a feel real good song / We'll know it when it comes on

"Radio" is off his brand new album, 'True Believers', which dropped last week. "Every time I make a record, it's make or break time," Rucker says. "I hope I always have that mentality – that's what keeps me fired up. I've got to solidify my place in Nashville, and to do that I've got to keep making records that people want to listen to."

The more I listen to this song, the closer toward #1 on this list it goes.