The story behind this song is what makes country music, country music. It's what makes it a good song too.

I've only heard Jake do this song once, a long, long time ago when he was first starting out, and the crowd went from completely crazy to silent to listen to the words. It'd be quite the treat if we got to hear it at the Taste Of Country. Buy your tickets before you can't get 'em anymore!

#36: 'Green Bananas'

This song is saying that you can't always wait for things to happen because you don't know what tomorrow will bring, hinting that green bananas wait around to turn yellow and be ripe enough to be eaten.

'Cause the doctors are saying it ain't looking good
And they doubt that I'll make it to spring
And it's a hell of a note when you never know
What tomorrow might bring

So I don't buy green bananas
I don't play the lottery
Right now's all I've got goin'
Yeah, and that's just fine for me

And I don't own an umbrella
If it rains I'm gonna get wet
So I don't buy green bananas
'Cause I don't plan that far ahead