Sometime in 2012, I remember texting Wendy Lynn and saying that Jake Owen sure knows how to throw a party, and it'd be sweet if we could get him to play the Taste Of Country one of these years.

As we look forward to June 13, we're going to count down these last 40 days with Jake Owen's top 40 songs of all time. Without further ado...

#40: “Places To Run”

This tune off Jake's first album I'm pretty sure was one of the first songs he ever wrote in Nashville, if not the actual first one.

Jake prefaced the song once and what it's about:

Just this guy saying he lived his whole life and no ties ever bound him, and he never thought he'd be able to settle down until he did find her, and she said essentially – and I've done this in my life, I've had a girlfriend tell me before, 'You're too busy in what you're doing. If you don't show me some sort of attention in other aspects of the relationship, then it isn't gonna happen.' And sure enough, I ignored it, and she went away. And I regret that. And that song has a lot of regret in it.