Many towns in Western New York have had "roundabouts" built where traffic lights used to be, so traffic can move more effectively.  Great idea, except a number of motorists can't figure the darn things out.  It's not a new topic nor is it a new experience for me....(waiting behind some goof ball because they can't figure out how to"hit the hole"), but this past weekend I had another one of those frustrating moments where a person had many opportunities to proceed into the circle and didn't!  I actually exerted patience and no swearing.  What it did do was compel me to post about it and force you to read it.


So this isn't completely boring...and so it isn't about my boring ride through Cheektowaga, here are some facts about roundabouts. 

If you stink at handling them....PLEASE READ.......and if your friends stink at them to this page....LOL



How to enter a roundabout- All motorists should slow down and yield.  The traffic is moving in a counter clockwise direction.  Anticipate the oncoming drivers speed and direction......then pick a safe gap and be on your way. Your average speed should be between 15-25 mph.


Facts about Roundabouts- Your vehicle uses less fuel in a roundabout than waiting at a traffic light.

Less sitting idle in your vehicle means less pollution

Less stops and starts....means your neighborhood stays quieter