Clay and I often talk about our passions and one thing I sometimes drive him nuts about is my passion for wanting the Bills or Sabres to win a championship.  How does it change my life?  It really doesn't, but it's the ultimate for any fan that's been following a team all their life to see that team win a Super Bowl or a Stanley Cup or the World Series or whatever.  The key is to have the people in place that share that passion and the Sabres just may have that guy coming around the bend.  The Sabres are expected to announce this Thursday that the team is going to be sold to billionaire Terry Pagula.

It was just a few months ago that most people around here had never heard of Terry Pagula.  But when I heard that there's this guy from Pennsylvania who lived in the Buffalo area for a time and had season tickets for the Sabres....and is a Sabres fan who wants to see them win multiple Stanley Cups I couldn't believe it.  This is a dream come true.  A guy who has the passion and the money to do whatever needs to be done to bring a Stanley Cup to Buffalo.  A guy that'll make the changes in players, management and even in coaching if need be to get the job done.  That's the way I would be if I was in his position.  Enough is enough.  Let's bring a championship to this city and the process begins Thursday.