It was two years ago when owner Terry Pegula stated the Buffalo Sabres reason for existence is to win the Stanley Cup.  Right now that couldn’t be further from the truth.  This is the worst Sabres team in at least 15 years.  There are just too many passengers along for the ride.  Scorers who don’t score.  Defenders who don’t defend.  Just too many guys on cruise control.  Too many guys who take selfish, undisciplined penalties.

The Sabres lost another one last night in Ottawa, shut out 2-0.  The Sabres power play has been virtually non-existent this year and last night it cost them the game.  The Senators scored what turned out to be the winning goal while the Sabres had the man advantage.  The Sabres just had no answers against an Ottawa team that's been struggling, but it seems any team that needs to get better in a hurry does it against the Sabres.

Thomas Vanek has been the team’s most consistent player this year but he can’t do it himself.  They have a lot of the pieces in place starting with a very good goaltender, but it seems not everyone is buying in to what they're trying to do.  And the fans aren't either.  It's dead quiet during home games because the Sabres don't give the fans a whole lot to be excited about.

The Sabres have now lost five of their last seven games and nine of 15 overall.  And here's a team that's missed the playoffs in three of the past five years.  They're digging the same hole they dug themselves into last year and never got out of.

The Sabres are back home to host Boston on Friday night.