Tom Golisano along with minority owners Larry Quinn and Dan Dipofi met with the media in a one hour press conference on Thursday at HSBC Arena inwhat was basically a farewell.  The sale of the Buffalo Sabres for $189-million will probably be complete within the month with the approval of the National Hockey League.

Among the things we learned - Golisano revealed there was another offer to buy the team - for $70-million more than what Pagula will end up paying, but it was contingent on being able to move the team out of  Buffalo.  Golisano turned it down.

Golisano said when he was first approached about selling the team he turned it down, but a short time later a national scale project he is involved in came up and it will take a large portion of his time.  He said we'll find out in a short time exactly what that project is.  He says it's governmental, but not political.

Golisano defended the team's record while he was owner claiming the Sabres over that time had the 6th best record in the NHL.  He also said he has never lost interest in owning the Sabres.  He says over the 7 years he's owned the Sabres he has either in person or on TV watched every game except for 6.

Golisano was asked whether he would be interested in buying the Buffalo Bills.  He says it's not something he concerns himself with because nobody has ever said the Buffalo Bills would ever be for sale.  He says for all anyone knows the team may remain with the Wilson family.  If there's a threat the Bills could be moved out of Buffalo he says he would become involved in a purchase attempt.

Quinn said he will not remain with the team in any capacity.  He hasn't been asked to stay and won't accept if he's asked.  He also said he's ending his association with the Erie Canal Harbor project.

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