An even dozen for the Sabres - they've lost 12 straight games on the road following Saturday night's 4 to 2 defeat in St. Louis.  The Sabres got both of their goals from defensemen - Mike Wilson in the first period to give the Sabres an early lead and Tyler Myers on the power play in the third.

With each loss on the road the Sabres add to their team record.  They're 0 for 5 on the 7 game road trip so far and they've been outscored 23 to 7.  The way they're playing it's a real possibility they may not win another game on the road - seriously.  And what's scary is that regardless of what they say in the locker room - some of these players look like they don't care.  The most important thing to them after games is that you don't step on the Sabres logo in the middle of the locker room floor.

I have a hard time believing team owner Terry Pegula will allow this to continue for too much longer.  He's put his trust in General Manager Darcy Regier and coach Lindy Ruff.  It appears Regier has put together a flawed team and Ruff has had a tough time getting results from a team that's been missing players for extended periods due to injury.  If Regier and Ruff are staying regardless of the team's performance, then it's time to get some new faces on the roster - now.