If you had to name your most memorable Christmas gift, what would it be?  A little girl in North Carolina is now thanking Santa Claus for bringing her dad home from Iraq for Christmas.

“I want my dad to come because I have not seen my daddy because he's in the Army,” is what Alyssa Whaley wrote in her letter to Santa.

Her dad is a medic who has been serving in Iraq for the last 6 months.  Much to her surprise, her request was heard loud and clear.  Derek Whaley was able to come home to surprise his daughters at their school.  He has 2 weeks to spend at home with his family before he has to return.

Somehow I'm not sure who this is a bigger gift for.  Is it for the daughter who got to see her daddy come home for Christmas?  Or is it bigger for the daddy who now gets to spend the holiday with his family?

Check out the video of the reunion by clicking here. (from WSOC-TV)