I feel I was a lucky kid growing up on a farm with not only cows, but horses.  Me my brother Ronnie and my sister Shannon all had horses that we showed in 4-H.  So seeing this story about 15- year old Regina Mayer from  MSNBC caught my eye.  But her story is a bit different, she wanted a horse but her parents weren’t able to accommodate her request.  What’s a girl to do?  Ride a cow?  Yes that’s exactly what she did.  After hours of training and tons of treats, Luna the cow has made Regina’s riding dreams come true.  Luna was born about 2 years ago on the Mayer’s farm just minutes from the Austrian border.  Regina and Luna started with walks in the woods (Luna had a halter on).  About six months after that, it was time to see how Luna would respond to a saddle.  The rest is history.  The cow apparently thinks that she is a horse and looking at this footage she seems to be a great replacement.