Do you love the snow? Get ready for what could be a fun filled winter for those of us that love outdoors sports in the snow here in Buffalo!

The National Weather Service indicated this week that Buffalo could be looking at a year that brings more than normal amounts of snow!

This is great news for ski resorts and snowmobile companies.The last couple of winters have been less than exciting and as a matter of fact, I only put 30 miles on my sled last season and most of that was on mud.

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True, there are trails north of here and along Lake Ontario. However, there is something exciting and special about being able to ride to you favorite bar on a sled in Erie County.

Buffalo was specifically named in a national long-range forecast as a city that could expect higher than normal snow totals. But don't expect a lake effect snow warning or advisory. They are being phased out and replaced with winter storm watches.

NWS definiton

Product Consolidation:

  • Consolidate Lake Effect Snow Advisory and Freezing Rain Advisory into Winter Weather Advisory
  • Consolidate Lake Effect Snow Watch and Blizzard Watch into Winter Storm Watch
  • Consolidate Lake Effect Snow Warning into Winter Storm Warning (selected sites only)