When I was a kid, we went to school for two reasons.  The first reason was just that it was what you did.  Kids went to school because that’s what kids did.  The other reason was if Dad found out we weren’t there, we’d be in BIG trouble.  But now, kids are being enticed with gifts for their attendance.

According to Time, kids at a Detroit school are being offered a free pair of black leather Nike sneakers just for showing up on a specific day.  That day is a day that the attendance determines state funding.

The article goes on to list a lot of other prizes being given away in other cities, such as iPads, gift cards, sports tickets, cars and more…just for showing up!  What the heck is this teaching the kids to do on the days when you’re NOT giving something away?  What about kids in neighboring schools who aren’t included in these programs?  Are they going to try to move into the schools that reward them with “things” regardless of the level of education provided?

It seems like a shame to me.  There are so many kids in other countries that would die for the education that is provided for free here, and we have to bribe our children to show up?  Give me a break.  Be a parent.  Give your kids the gift of education by making them go.  It’s paid for by the tax payers.  The least you can do is make them go.  Stop spoiling your children.  You’re only making their future harder and our outlook as a country a little darker every day.