It’s something very rare and you have a chance to see one in Niagara Falls, Ontario – the world’s tallest flower.  It’s the Titan Arum and the Niagara Parks Floral Showhouse actually has six of them in various stages of growth.

The first one will bloom within the next couple of days followed by another one a little over a week later.  The bloom lasts only a couple of days.  They look like a lily and weigh in at about 150 pounds each.   They can grow to weigh about 250 pounds.

Once the bloom dies off it shoots up a leaf that grows for about 9 months and the world record is 10-feet-2 inches tall.  One of the ones on display in Niagara Falls is already over 7-feet tall.

But one of the most noticeable things you’ll probably notice about this huge flower is that it stinks.  The same bugs that feed on dead animals are what pollinate this flower, so it smells a little like rotting meat.

Public viewings of this particular flower are very rare – so here’s a chance to see one big, heavy, smelly flower for yourself.