It's been nearly six years since she left last the scene.  She's back with a new show called "Why Not?" With Shania Twain, she's doing interviews again, she's recorded a new song and she's going public with the pain and suffering she caused when she was going through a divorce from her husband, who ended up with her best friend. Explains why she's been off the scene pretty long. She's back with a new song, which is appropriately titled "Today Is Your Day". Today's her day. Today starts her comeback day.
The song caught me off guard. I wasn't expecting a slow tempoed, almost bluegrass song. The song "Today Is Your Day" will not be released til after her series on Oprah's OWN but, here's a pretty good chunk of it.  Thanks to ,What do you think of Shania's comeback song?

Catch Twain on her show Sunday nights at 10Pm.