It's so easy to go into a store and just load up a basket full of stuff that, chances are, you don't need.  If you've stuck with your resolution to lose weight or eat better this long, this list of shopping tips from Men's Health might help you to keep it up!

Evidently, according to a study in The  Journal of Marketing Research  shopping with a basket instead of a cart makes you nearly seven times more likely to purchase vice foods.  That includes stuff like candy and chocolate.  The study said that with a cart, you tend to extend your arm—a motion associated with avoiding negative outcomes. That makes you more likely to shop smart.

This one seems pretty common sense to me.  If you don't want to be tempted by candy bars and junk food at the register, eliminate the time you spend around it.  If you stare at junk food for more time, you're more likely to just say the heck with it and buy it...then eat it.  Instead, shop at times when you can fly through the registers like off times during the day or at night.

What was the last time your kids BEGGED you to get something that was actually good for them?  "PLEASE MOM!  I really want more broccoli!!"  Nope..normally they'll ask for candy and the fun stuff.  The author of the book, Fat Land: How Americans Became the Fattest People in the World, Greg Critser says that ""Children shouldn't have a vote in supermarket decisions."  You know what's good for them.  That's what you should get.

Good luck with your choices.  Make them healthy and you'll meet your goals!