I saw this story in our prep site earlier in the week, but didn't have a chance to post about it.  Then, it popped up again, so I figured it's making news twice...POST IT!

A new (controversial)  law is being proposed in.... probably the most progressive state-California.  The law would require families to provide their babysitters with minimum wage, worker's compensation, paid vacation, regular rest and lunch breaks...aaaaannd overtime pay!!

Side barNow, I think that is just crazy.  I don't even get some of those luxuries at either of my jobs.  What happened to babysitting being just an easy way for teens to make some extra loot?  They learn responsibility and use the opportunity to see what a real job is like.  It sounds like California is mistaking babysitters for full blown nannies!   I'm all about Cali being progressive, but this is just silly.


If families fail to provide these requirements in the proposed law, they could be sued.  As expected, this bill has been met with outrage, especially by working mothers, who claim to be most disadvantaged by these crazy stipulations.  The parents argue that they wouldn't be able to afford the sitter, so in turn, the sitter will be out of work!

Just so you know, the bill has passed the Assembly in California and is making its way to the governor's desk!


So......What do you think of this babysitting bill?  Is it fair? Should babysitters be entitled to these benefits?