It’s been a debate for a long time now. People under the age of 21 should not be allowed on Chippewa. Usually, 18-20-year-olds were allowed in most bars, but they have been banned due to safety reasons and bar owners' disapproval. What do you think? Should they let them down on Chippewa?

As a temporary solution, the City of Buffalo allowed those ages 18 and up to go one certain night of the week, but still they still had incidents, and they still blamed the younger crowd. As soon as that happened, bar owners, including those in charge of LUX, Noir, Bayou, Purple Monkey, 4 Play, Social and Nektar found their business declining, or at least being affected, and the fight to have that younger crowd back downtown is back on.

They shouldn’t be allowed? Some people do not want to go down to bars and deal with “children” down there. Others don’t think they should even be allowed in the bars if they’re not 21. Especially if it’s not safe.

They should be allowed? Why not? They’re adults. They can still dance, order a sandwich, and listen to the DJ, and some may be 20 with 21-year-old friends. If they want to drink they’ll find a way to drink.

But, what do you think? What side of the fence do you sit on?