I've had a tough time deciding this one all night long.

Should a pregnant woman be able to ban her ex-fiance from coming into the room as she gives birth. What do you think?

An ex-couple in New Jersey, Steven Plotnick and Rebecca DeLuccia, were gearing up to get married when they decided that they no longer could stand each other. They called off the wedding and became seriously estranged. According to reports, however, Plotnick...

filed for an order to show cause seeking the right to be notified when DeLuccia went into labor and to be present at delivery, among other relief.

It's dad's rights vs. rights of a hospital patient, and both sides are not backing down. People in the dad's corner are saying that he should very well be allowed in the room -- it's his baby too, and if he has to pay child support and all, he deserves to be in the room while his child is born. After all, he really does want to be in there to watch the birth of his child and to be able to tell his kid that he was there.

For any dad out there, is it an experience that this guy deserves?

In the other corner, people are saying that no way should this guy have the right to be in the room when she has their child -- they are not together, and the last person that she would want to see while she is in pain and trying to focus is the one person that she cannot stand. Besides, how awkward is it that he is going to be standing there while you're all naked and stuff trying to do this?

For any mom out there: If your ex was in the roomm would it distract you?