The Town of West Seneca has proposed a new law that would limit the number of cats one can have in their home.  Needless to say, this proposal is causing quite a stir.  You have to ask yourself…How much is too much??  I love dogs, especially pugs.  Would I want more than 4…..most likely no!  It’s tough taking care of the two I have now.  Pets need to be taken care of and that’s part of the issue in West Seneca.  Many of these cat owners let the felines roam the street and that has other neighbors pretty angry.  Some complain of the smell left behind by the cats and others have to deal with cat droppings on their lawn.

The Town Supervisor Shelia Meegan feels that the cat limit will work because it has in both Hamburg and Lancaster.  West Seneca is still a ways away from making this an official law.