Today the Breakfast Club tackled the topic of toys in fast food meals.  Several NY lawmakers are sponsoring a bill to ban fast food joints from using small toys (bait) as a way to lure kids into buying (or getting mom/dad to buy) their meals!

The bill says that restaurants should only be allowed to give a toy away if the meal has fewer than 500 calories among other guidelines.  Opposing the idea....The NYS Restaurant Association says lawmakers should not be making decisions about what parents feed their kids.

To me the idea makes sense, but come on, how many kids want a veggie salad with soy fries and dried apricots.  On top of that, fast food is the easy way out for parents who work all day.  Next....if there is a cool toy out.....KIDS HAVE TO HAVE IT!!!!!

It all starts at an early age....companies "brand" a song or an image maybe even a sound.  They repeat and repeat and repeat you are conditioned to" know" and "want" their product.  The commercials also show skinny people having a great time eating the food...being youthful and jamming to cool music.  Heck, they even rap the message to you.  Who doesn't remember "2 all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce cheese, pickles onions on a sesame bun!...LOL......Branded in this head....Do you see!!!!

Anyways....and bottom line....parents need to have more control of the kids fussing for toys or the meal, go the extra mile and cook at home more often...and don't let your kids/families be slaves to these places.  They will live longer and healthier lives if you do.

(story- courtesy of Metro Source)