The latest incident with Randy Travis is upsetting to all of us. I have met Randy throughout the years and have emceed his concerts. I believe he is a good human being who is going through an extremely difficult time right now.

What is upsetting me even more is the way the news media (and even some people close to me) keep bashing this guy. First we had the story, then more details about how he was naked, what the audio sounded like on the police phone call, etc. Enough, PLEASE! Do we need to keep pushing Randy's nose into the ground? The man needs professional help. Although I don't know him personally, it is my opinion that his erratic behavior has a lot to do with his recent divorce. This is not the Randy Travis we know.

It really bothers me the way people want to hop on the band wagon and bash him. Does it make people feel better when they can kick a man when he is down? All I can think of is what would Jesus have to say to Randy Travis?

Randy Travis is obviously having some serious personal problems. This is the time when he needs compassion, love and support. He needs to get his life back on track. I am hoping he will get some professional help. Please keep in mind that any one of us could be in his shoes right now. I am hoping that some of the WYRK country fans will send him a card or letter and show him you care. I am also asking you to keep Randy Travis in your thoughts and prayers. He is obviously going through the biggest battle of his life.

So, could we please stop the Randy Travis bashing?