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These Will Be Dropped From The Sky For Animals in Erie County Next Week
This is not a drill.
Next week there will be tons of these dropped from a 'plane' and helicopter in Erie County for the animals. Per the Erie County government website:
The Erie County Department of Health (ECDOH) In collaboration with the Cornell University Animal Health Diagnostic Center, the NY Sta…
Top 6 Breakfast Joints in Clarence, NY [LIST]
Sometimes you need some help so you’re not going to the same place over and over again. Chances are that if you’re from Clarence you’ve already been to all five of these places; but if you haven’t checked them off your list yet, are you…
Buffalo’s Worst Marriage Proposal Stories [LIST]
All of my friends are starting to get engaged and listening to one of my friend's ideas to propose was hard to listen to. It was the worst idea that I have ever heard and I can't even imagine what his girlfriend would think after she was done being excited...
The Cider Mill Opening Day!
It's almost happening! The most fun tradition of the year opens back up on August 7!
I'm not quite sure how it's almost August--this Summer is FLYING by and while we have to make the best of what is left, we have the Mayor Brothers Cider Mill to look forward to in just 12 days...
Places To Get Your Cider Slushie Fix in Buffalo, NY
Everyone in Western New York has tried a cider slushie before. I mean, we count down the days until the Cider Mill is open in West Seneca.
It's like every Fall in Buffalo you have to do your regular checklist:

Cider Mill
Apple Picking
Haunted House

So, this year we hooked you up with th…
Best + Worst Landlords in Buffalo, NY
If you're looking to rent an apartment in Western New York this is where you should check to see what you're getting.
If you own a home or apartments in Buffalo, your name may be getting tossed around on Reddit as the topic of good and bad (err...
Restaurant Owner Under Fire On Yelp! For “Lying On The Menu”
I actually think I would like this, but people say she's lying. This woman who owns a small cafe-style restaurant has faced criticism on Yelp! for their chicken and waffles dish on their brunch menu?
They go to Popeye's Fast Food every day and stand in line and get a couple of boxe…
Tom Brady Criticized For How Long He Kisses His 11-Year-Old Son [VIDEO]
The week of the Super Bowl, Tom Brady is the subject of a debate: when is kissing your kid too much?
Tom Brady's special is out now and in the documentary, his 11 year old son comes into the room while Tom is getting a massage and kisses him on the kips for a considerable about of time...
John Oates from Hall + Oates is Coming To East Aurora!
Woohooo! East Aurora! One half of the massive duo Hall + Oates is coming to East Aurora for the brand new Borderland Music Festival in East Aurora!
Coming up in September, the first major music festival ever in Western New York: Borderland Music Festival...
Buffalo Summer DIY: Wine Bottle Citronella Candle
As we gear up for summer here in WNY, that means the mosquitoes are going to be in full effect, so we're here to help you out.
Here is a DIY Project to build a citronella tiki torch out of a wine bottle and a few dollars worth of hardware...
America’s First Ninja Warrior Will Be in Buffalo Tonight!
You can learn tonight from the greatest Ninja Warrior in America! Isaac Caldiero is in town for Buffalo Riverworks' River Warrior Weekend!
This weekend, there are events for you to check out if you're a Ninja Warrior fan! Buffalo River Warrior is an all ages mixed-discipline obstacle course…
Woah! Alligator Found by Allegheny National Forest [VIDEO]
We have that bear walking around all over Western New York, but there was an alligator found not to far from WNY--and it doesn't really make any sense.
People in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania have found an alligator that has been chilling for the past few days in a sewage pond...