Friday's tragedy in Connecticut goes beyond talk of guns and gun control.  It's sickness and evil.  It's beyond comprehension how any human being could plot to execute young children - babies.  We'll probably find out down the line what twisted logic this guy had to go through with such a wretched crime.

Now there's a call for gun control laws.  No laws would prevent this.  This guy was incredibly sick.  And these were not his guns.  He wasn't old enough to have the guns he had....they were owned by his mother and he used them to kill her, then adults and children at the school.

But isn't it interesting that all of the ones responsible for these types of crimes are young men and teenage boys.  One theory is that it's the result of our culture of rewarding failure.  Everyone gets a trophy.  Everyone gets praised.  Some sports leagues don't keep score so that no feelings get hurt.  But when these kids turn into adults they learn the harsh reality that failure doesn't get rewarded.

Failures are just that - failures, and after being coddled, pampered and indulged all their lives they can't handle it when the pampering ends.  Sometimes, like in this case, these people lash out at a world that's nothing like the one they thought it was. The world they were protected from.

I played little league baseball when I was a kid and it wasn't fun to strike out and it wasn't fun to lose games.  And I didn't get a trophy for it anyway.  It just made me more determined to do better next time.  When I went to school, kids that failed an exam got an F.  They didn't get a star for effort, because they obviously did give any.  Why has that changed?

Do you agree that allowing kids to do whatever they want without consequences is the wrong way to go?