Skinny Jeans, great on women, atrocious on men!  There I said it.  If you are a skinny jeans guy and I offended you, I'm sorry.  Skinny jeans may be "in", but if you aren't fitted for them properly, you could be in for some health problems.  Dr. Karen Boyle of the Greater Baltimore Medical Center says that...squeezing yourself into these jeans may cause nerve damage.  The disorder is called "Miralsha Parasthetica", no, not a Russian Olympic gymnast, a real disorder.  LOL....not funny tho, really!  Anyway...Miralsha Parasthetica occurs when one of the nerves on the outer portion of the thigh is compressed.  If you start to feel tingling, pain or any sort of numbness, you should probably throw on some sweatpants immediately and toss those skinny jeans out.  Dr. Boyle went on to say that wearing skinny jeans with high heels, you can make the problem worse.

(Radio Online)