Smokers will have to go without lighting up if they want to see the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium this fall.  That's assuming there will be a season.  The Bills on Tuesday amended their Fan Conduct Policy to prohibit smoking anywhere in the stadium on game day.  Previously there had been designated smoking areas but those will now be gone.  Anyone who steps outside of the stadium gates to smoke will not be allowed back into the stadium.

Bills' CEO Russ Brandon says the policy change was in response to the vast majority of Bills fans who wanted a smoke-free enviornment to watch games.  The Bills say it will be a zero-tolerance policy.  The change will take place with the unveiling of the new uniforms later this month.

Another change will be the scaling back of tail-gate time.  Beginning this year parking lots won't open until four hours before kickoff.  Previously, stadium lots opened five hours before game time.  The Bills say the new rule is in line with NFL recommendations.

The Bills are also working on a plan to make exiting the stadium and the parking lots easier.  They're working with area police agencies on revised traffic patterns for both vehicles and pedestrians to make going home on game days less of a hassle.