What do you think about this one?

A man in Arizona has been arrested and charged with DUI. The weird part is that his BAC was a 0.00. Sixty-four-year-old Jessie Thornton was pulled over by police and given a breathalyzer test, which he clearly "passed", but he failed other tests, police say.

"I said, 'I've been swimming at LA Fitness,' and he says, 'I think you’re DUI...we're going to do a sobriety test.' I said, 'OK, but I got bad knees and a bad hip with surgery in two days,'" Thornton recalled.

Now, Thorton feels like he has a case on his hands and thinks that this may be a racial situation.

"Thornton feels like he was targeted. Even the police report acknowledged that Thornton was not drunk -- so why the charge? This is what a drug recognition expert (DRE) is trying to figure out. Thornton seems to have a very good case on his hands -- and he has hired an attorney. He feels as though he was poorly treated because of his race," according to Examiner.

What do you think? Does Mr. Thornton have a case on hands?