Usually I would think that I lost it myself, but I know this time I didn't.

I got a sweet new coffee mug that even came with a little golf club and ball (check out the picture) as a gift, and after having it for three days, it went missing. I put it in the drying rack at work, and when I came in the next day, it was gone.

This has not been the first instance that one of my mugs went missing. In fact, I ended up finding the last one that was stolen BACK IN THE SINK months later.

My attempts at emailing the entire office failed, so now I'm offering a reward!

Rob Banks

Also, someone stole me car antenna last week. I could listen to the radio on my way home from work. But when I woke up the next day to drive to work...I couldn't get any radio. Come to find out, at some point of the night, the antenna went missing. What the heck?!