When I was growing up, there was a family who lived near my house who had some horses on their property. When I was around 12, I would help the lady who owned the horses. We would brush the horses and groom them. I would clean out their stalls and get them water. In exchange for these chores, this woman taught me how to ride her horses. The family had a beautiful corral next to the horse barn. I spent some wonderful days there taking care of those horses and learning to ride.

Although I have not ridden a horse in years, certain things will trigger my old memories of riding. My friend Brittney in Canada sent me this video yesterday and I wanted to share it with you. It stopped me in my tracks because I found out the girl in the video, Stacy Westfall is shown performing with her horse just 24 days after her father had passed away. Watch this video and tell me if you don't get just a little bit choked up. I know I did.