For more than 125 years, it has stood in New York harbor as a symbol of personal rights and freedom, especially for the millions of immigrants who passed it to begin their new lives in this country. It was on this day in 1885 that Lady Liberty arrived in New York in more than 200 boxes as a gift from France. It took about a year to put it together and it was dedicated in a ceremony by President Grover Cleveland.

From the base of the pedestal to the torch it’s about the same height at the Electric Tower building in downtown Buffalo.

There are 354 steps from the pedestal to Lady Liberty’s head.

Her face is more than 8 feet tall and she has a 35-foot waistline. The tablet in her left hand is more than 23 feet tall and inscribed with the date in Roman numerals, July 4, 1776.

The sandals she wears are about 25 feet long. That would work out to be about size 879.

There are 25 windows in her crown and the seven rays on top of her crown represent the seven continents.

The exterior of the statue is covered with copper about the thickness of two pennies.

The two replicas of the Statue of Liberty on top of the Liberty building in downtown Buffalo are about one fifth the size of the actual statue. There’s a ladder inside each one to get to the light bulb in the torch.