Wikipedia defines  coincidence as the occurring of an event in conjunction with any some conditions, e.g. another event. As such, a coincidence occurs when something uncanny, accidental and unexpected happens under conditions named, but not under a defined relationship.  I would have to say that this family's story is more than just coincidence.

From WTAE in Pittsburgh: Adam Baumgartner, a math and science teacher says he recently realized each member of his family had been born during a year in which the Steelers held the Lombardi Trophy.

  • Adam Baumgartner was born in January 1979 when Pittsburgh won Super Bowl XIII.

  • His wife, Trish, was born in January 1980, when the Steelers won Super Bowl XIV.
  • Daughters Alaina, 4, and Sarah, 2, were born in 2006 and 2009, when the Steelers won Super Bowls XL and XLIII.
  • The Baumgartners are hoping for another Pittsburgh victory in Super Bowl XLV. The couple's third girl is due the weekend of the big game against the Green Bay Packers -- and the Baumgartners said they may name her Destiny if the Steelers win.