Country music is so cool not only because of the music but also due to the people that make that music. They'll make you realize that at the end of the day, they're just normal people like you and me -- and Twitter helps us keep a handle on how grounded (and hilarious) they are.

Here are 5 country superstars that you need to be following.

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    Joel Crouse

    "Why God Made Love Songs" may be why this guy is always so happy, as it keeps climbing the charts. Or maybe you can tell just by following his every tweet on Twitter.

    You'll always know where he is as his life unfolds, but he needed to be on this list because his Twitter relates to all young people in their 20s that have the same life one.

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    Martina McBride

    She's classy. She's beautiful. She's talented. She's a family mom with a really sweet job, and she just proves that country stars are normal human beings just like us!

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    Brad Paisley

    The guy is just fun to follow. He's not using Twitter to push an agenda and tell people to go buy this or to go buy that. He's just having fun on Twitter, and you will too from his creative, witty tweets.

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    Jake Owen

    On Jake Owen's Twitter, you'll watch his crazy life unfold. Between boating, golfing and drinking, Twitter is literally his micro-blog.

    The 2014 Taste Of Country star even goes on "following sprees". Who knows? You may even get followed on Twitter by Jake soon!

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    Blake Shelton

    Let's face it. The guy's hilarious. He constantly tweets sober, drunk or apparently naked sometimes. He's not afraid to address rumors about himself, including divorce and alcoholism. But, most importantly, he answers his fans...and their ridiculous questions that nobody else probably would.