I guess if you're a Buffalo Bills fan you'll know exactly where you were 20 years ago today.  You'll remember who you were with, what you ate and no doubt you'll remember how you felt at the end of the night.  Today is the 20th anniversary of the Bills loss to the New York Giants in Super Bowl 25 in Tampa - a game most people know as the "Wide Right" game.   Kicker Scott Norwood missed a 47-yard field goal that guaranteed the Giants victory over a favored Bills team that had beaten the Oakland Raiders the week before 51 to 3. 

Whitney Houston opened the game with one of the most memorable renditions of the national anthem of all time.  

The Bills used a touchdown, field goal and a safety to build a 12 to 3 lead entering the final two minutes of the first half, but the Giants were able to score a touchdown with :25 left to close to within 12-10.

In the second half some questionable play calling and shoddy tackling by the Bills allowed the Giants to take control and the lead.  And the Giants played it perfectly, taking time off the clock with long drives that kept the Bills offense off of the field. 

On the Bills final drive they started at their own 10-yard line with 2:16 left to play.  And for the Bills high-powered offense that was plenty of time to move down the field and into position for the winning field goal.  The Bills were only able to advance to the Giants 29-yard line before calling on Norwood to win it.  We know the rest of the story. 

And if that wasn't enough, it was just an appetizer for 3 additional heartbreaks against the Washington Redskins and twice to the Dallas Cowboys making the Bills the only team in NFL history to make it to the Super Bowl four years in a row - and lose all four.  So what's worse.....losing four straight Super Bowls or failing to make it to the playoffs 11 straight years?   Either way pretty sad.

If you're a Bills fan you probably don't want to watch.  Giants fans will want to relive the moment:

Super Bowl 25 Wide Right