Last night I was sitting in my dining room chilling out after the NFC Championship game when I heard a loud crash around 11pm. It startled everyone in the house. For a moment I thought that my daughter had fallen out of bed. As my wife and I frantically searched the house, we did not see any signs of where the crash came from. About two minutes later, my son arrived at our house with a bunch of his friends. They had heard the call on the police scanner and went to investigate. I saw Tyler and some of his fellow fire fighters running to my neighbors' house which is two houses away from mine.

Apparently a car came down our street at a high rate of speed and missed the turn at the stop sign. The vehicle then crashed through my neighbors' fence, taking out most of his pool deck and coming to rest on the side of his home. The Amherst Police and State Police were on the scene within minutes searching for the driver. He left the keys in the vehicle and fled on foot. One of my neighbors spotted the suspect who took off running when he was asked to stop. I am not sure if he was caught last night or not. It turned out the BMW that hit my neighbors' home was alledgedly stolen from a nearby restaurant.  

I tried to get a photo of the car but it was too dark last night so I am showing you a photo of where the stolen vehicle crashed through my neighbors' fence.