A warehouse in Athens, Georgia was picked clean and police are looking for suspects. The question is who would want or need nearly 400,000 toothpicks. Six cases of toothpicks were stolen two weeks ago then last week another seven cases were stolen. No signs of forced entry, so police think it’s an inside job.

One clue – a Hispanic man was seen at a local flea market trying to sell individual boxes of toothpicks. The total value of the stolen toothpicks – about $2,800.00.

Maybe he owns a catering business and he needs a lot of toothpicks for finger sandwiches or appetizers.

Toothpicks are the oldest dental tools known to man. Even Neanderthals showed evidence they used toothpicks to clean their teeth. Before we used toothbrushes – toothpicks was the way people cleaned their teeth.

American toothpicks are usually made of birch wood. The wood is bleached, cut, chopped and shaped. Maine has the largest toothpick factory in the United States. But Brazil exports more toothpicks than any other country in the world.

You can find flavored toothpicks – often they’re mint, sometimes fruit flavored. The newest toothpick flavor? Bacon flavored.

SOURCE: wikipedia